Overnight Roadtrip

loaded up
 This road-trip we wanted the kids to experience a little of our childhood memories. Remember those Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager days? 

 We put the back seats flat, covered them with sleeping bags and then stopped at parking lots for a few hours rest (or until the car got too cold) in between driving.

a pile of blankets
While it may not have been our best night of sleep, the kids said it was the "most fun ever!" 

One of the advantages of driving is getting to bring the Albert along. He didn't sleep a wink.

After 12 hours of driving we made it to Wilmington, NC for lunch

 and to drop of DaddyO's motorcycle for repairs.

unloading the trailer
a couple months and it should be a new ride
Another six hours of driving and we made it to family and a good night sleep.

This makes all the hours driving worth it!

February Rain

The kids don't mind taking Albert for walks in the rain when the temperature hovers around 70 in the winter.

Wild Azalea Masterpiece

We found an art teacher from the neighborhood. She brought some wild azaleas from her yard when she came to meet the kids for the first time. The arrangement inspired EJ to paint and so she made this mini masterpiece for her teacher.

Looks like the beginning of a creative relationship.

Egg on Rice

A go to meal when on the go. So simple yet fills the kids up with the carbs and protein they need before a sports practice.

Just make some steaming hot rice and add a fresh egg on top.

Sprinkle with some Japanese furikake (seasoning.)

The rice is so hot that it cooks the egg into a creamy mixture.

The Architecture of American Houses

I ❤️ our neighborhood’s wonderful collection of houses. This helps me classify the variety of architectural styles while walking around North Hill.
Ours is Victorian - Queen Anne - Hipped Roof:.

Pensacola Double Bridge Run

Over 6,000 runners participated in the 2020 Double Bridge Run and DaddyO was one of them!

He was out at the starting line by 7 a.m. Thankfully it was just a couple blocks south of our house so EJ and I were on the corner to cheer him on as he started the race.

The course starts in downtown Pensacola and takes the runners over two bridges to Pensacola Beach.

It was a Saturday full of swimming and soccer so we received updates from DaddyO as he progressed along the route.

He finished in 1:32:47 and received a medal to remember the accomplishment. Now he has his eye on a half marathon...

Avia and PopPop Step In

When DaddyO found direct tickets to Denver in January for just $77rt he immediately started planning  ski trip for our 15th anniversary. The only thing we needed was childcare. Thankfully Avia and PopPop were more than happy to to step in for the weekend and parent while we were away.

Time with the grandparents means crafts, fun recipes, and new adventures. This time Avia taught them how to make sock dolls...

...and two new cookie recipes.

They also dropped EJ off for a couple days at our church's retreat.

The boys played a soccer tournament.

Went to see the ice flyers.

And sent us lots of photos reminding us of how much they loved us

The weekend got thumbs up from everyone:)

Swim Team Fun

The kids seem to have never ending energy so I always jump on events that can give them an outlet. The kids spent four hours over the weekend swimming, jumping and sliding on the giant inflatables the swim team coaches setup over the weekend.

It was a great team building event as the kids got to know each other better in a fun environment.

Even after all the playing I still had to coax them out of the pool when the event was over. They slept well that night!

BreakerSpace Electronics

CPU, graphics card, motherboard, power supply...just a few terms the kids learned as they took apart a computer, saw the parts, and then reassembled it.

They even got a first hand lesson on electrical shock and its effect on the heart. A classmate brushed the power supply of an old record player and there was still some electricity stored in the capacitor. He received quite a jolt and it was a good lesson about how to handle electronics.

Some of the best lessons are free and the kids sure enjoyed the library’s BreakerSpace Electronics class.

learning from the instructor
learning the parts

Japan-America Society New Year’s Celebration

Celebrating the "Year of the Rat" with the Japan-America Society of Northwest Florida. The food, the dress, and the sound took us a across the Pacific to remember all the things we enjoyed in Japan.

(fried chicken)

The kids dressed in their kimonos and yukatas.

And enjoyed various demonstrations highlighting the Japanese Culture.

The drummers were our favorite. They traveled all the way from Orlando where they perform at Disney.

Duck Birthday Dunks

EJ's swim team has a unique way of celebrating birthdays and EJ made sure she didn't miss it when her birthday came up.

 The coach told a long story about her that involved lots of "ducks" and dunks and splashing.

being dunked
 Then EJ had to sing "Happy Birthday" to herself while her teammates were lined up along the edge of the pool ready to dive in and try to catch her when she finished the song.

singing to herself
the race is on
caught by the seniors

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