Oatmeal Breakfast

EJ's favorite morning tradition is oatmeal with DaddyO. Her affinity to oatmeal started while visiting the grandparents over the summer. I don't know if it was the routine of doing it every morning with them, or the fact she got to assemble the breakfast herself, but her taste for the warm gooey oats stuck!

She runs to the pantry each morning to pick out the oatmeal container, requests bowl for DaddyO and herself, and then starts loading the bowls with fist fulls of oatmeal. This morning was a little different. Instead of slowly loading up the bowl, she decided to pour the whole container over it.

She realized making pictures in the oats was almost as fun as eating them.

The oats were finally cleaned up and the bowls of oatmeal were ready to eat.


DIY T-Shirt Dresses

What could be more comfortable than wearing your favorite t-shirt? How about a dress made out of your favorite t-shirt!

I found this fabulous tutorial by MADE and was excited to start sewing the dresses for EJ.

my designs
I made a quick trip to my favorite thrift store and picked up a range of colorful t-shirts (I seemed drawn to orange). At 89 cents each they were a great deal.

picking out her favorite t-shirts

The dresses are quick and easy to make. Once you get the hang of the cutting and sewing, they can be made in under thirty mintues.

the dress is as cuddly as her doll

Just the Beginning...

"They" say it takes between 21 to 28 days for someone to form a habit, but I'm still celebrating  EJ sleeping a continuous 9 hours two days in a row. It's a wonderful feeling waking up and realizing I hadn't been woken up by a little one wanting to nurse. Sweet dreams sweetie!

A Trip to the Beach

Trips to the beach are a special excursion DaddyO and EJ take anytime he has a morning free. I occasionally tag along, but usually give them some bonding time and it gives me some much needed time to catch up around the house.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture this morning. EJ insisted on bringing her "babee" with her but didn't have enough arms to carry everything. She was happy to carry her on her back:)

Fuyu Persimmon Bounty

I heart persimmons. It was a pleasant surprised to find that they grow quite abundantly in our area of FL.

Thanks to Freecycle, I was treated to as many persimmons as I could pick. EJ and I showed up with two canvas bags and found out that number was 40 lbs.

fuyu persimmon

It is important to remember that there are TWO types of persimmons. The difference between the two is quite dramatic. The Fuyu persimmon can be eating hard like an apple or soft for pulp. However, the Hachiya persimmon can only be eaten fully ripe and soft. If you bite into a Hachiya before it is soft, you will, sadly, probably never eat a persimmon again. The unripe Hachiya tastes like chalk and leaves a terrible taste in the mouth.

my little picker

I was happy to find that we were picking the Fuyu variety. The same type I was introduced to while living in Japan!

After returning home, distributing persimmons to friends and neighbors, and figuring out where to store the rest, I realized we had more than we could ever eat!

It is difficult to find recipes using the Fuyu persimmon as the flesh is a bit firmer and best eaten fresh. Pumpkin Persimmon Soup has become a favorite and here are some other ones I am considering to help use up all the fruit:

Persimmon Bundt Cake
Steamed Persimmon Pudding
Persimmon Jam

almost full

ready to eat

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