Ever'man's Story Sprouts

enjoying a story

We have always loved living a few blocks away from Ever'man Natural Foods for their delicious produce, extensive bulk section, and amazing selection of health products, but I added one more reason I love the store when EJ started attending their Story Sprouts a while back.

EJ always gets excited when we drive into their parking lot. She knows she'll either have a fun shopping experience with mom (which starts with a drink of water at the front of the store) or she'll get to see all her friends at Story Sprouts. I get excited because I know she will have a wonderful time listening to stories, making crafts and sampling healthy snacks with some fabulous friends. I will truly miss this Tuesday morning excursion!

craft time

cars and paint

make for lots of artistic fun

a couple used bottle caps

are transformed into a car

and we can't forget about snack time

Hockey Night

Having grown up in snowy Minnesota, ice skating and hockey games were a common winter past time. I remember friends coming down from Canada with their hockey teams to compete in local tournaments. It was always fun watching their expert skating and amateur fighting. It is definitely my favorite sport to watch in person.

We were a bit surprised to find when we moved to Pensacola that there was a semi pro hockey team that played in the convention center by us. What fun we have had going to the Ice Flyers games!

I attended a hockey game the night before EJ was born, and she has attended them since she was just a little thing so I guess it's no surprise that she enjoys the noise and excitement of the sport.

legs crossed like daddyo

enjoying an exciting game

EJ has learned how to jump off the ground recently and she put that jumping to use as she cheered.

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