EJ's "Baby Brother" Presents

I grew up playing with Playmobil and was excited to introduce EJ to the fabulous toys last Christmas. The nativity set became her favorite toy and she still gets it out to pretend the Christmas story. When I saw the baby nursery and dad with stroller sets, I knew they would be perfect for her to play with when the baby arrived.

I had them stored in the baby's room until a friend suggested we give EJ a present at the hospital. What a great idea! I wrapped up the sets and they're now waiting to be given to EJ at the hospital.

Watering and Weeding


EJ is learning how to water and weed Grandma's garden. This is something she will be able to help out with all summer! She has her own watering can, shovel, rake, and wheel barrow that she carries with her around the yard. Grandma is teaching her where she can and cannot step and what she can and cannot pick. It's a great learning experience and EJ is loving it!


and raking

Easter Lambs

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! ~ John 1:29

With Easter just a week away, EJ and I have been preparing for the holiday by making crafts, reading books and enjoying some new Easter toys. I want our focus to be on Jesus resurrection and fortunately there are many wonderful ways to do that. With the following craft we learn how Jesus is the Lamb of God.

I saw these sweet little lambs here on and was excited to make our own little flock.

They use items that are probably already in your house and this is also a great way to use up extra yarn you may have left over from other projects.

This is all you need to start:

Cut the cardboard in various kidney shapes (between two and four inches) and paint the smaller end of the kidney black for the sheep's face. Then also paint the top of your clothespins black as well.

Once the paint has dried, attach the clothespins to the cardboard and then start wrapping the yarn around the bodies. Wrap until everything is covered and you have the desired body shape. Finally cut small ears out of felt and glue to the head.

The sheep are ready to be displayed!

Summer Fun Checklist

Summer is right around the corner and I am always on the lookout for fun ideas to keep EJ busy. I found this fabulous checklist here and have it posted in the kitchen. I look forward to picking out an activity or two each day to do with EJ. The checklist checker in me will also enjoy completing the list:)

Grandma's Birthday Weekend

We celebrated my mom's birthday this weekend. What did Grandma want for her birthday? Family time and help in the garden! We turned her special day into a weekend affair and spent family time together while working in her garden.

dad rota-tilled her vegetable garden

we raked out the stones

We also celebrated with a special birthday lunch and competitive game of boochie ball.

Flint Hill Farm Visit

We visited Flint Hill Farm to welcome their "new kids on the block". EJ was excited to see all the baby goats dressed cozily in in their little coats nursing from their mothers.

The farm is located just a short drive over the mountain and is a fabulous way to spend a drizzly Saturday afternoon.

counting the goats

newly born calf


and ej's favorite duck

The farm offers fresh milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs. We got a special tour of their milk house and tried some freshly made cheddar cheese (aged 90 days).

As much as I love living in the city, the trips to the farm always give me a desire for country living. I know it would be a lot of work taking care of a farm but a couple acres with a little chicken coup would be nice. I know EJ would adore it!

Hospital Bags...Check!

I was caught a bit by surprise with EJ's arrival. No delivery bag or items for the hospital were packed. Once we realized labor had started we quickly assembled a few things to take with us to the hospital. Fortunately DaddyO's parents were visiting and more than happy to track down the the rest of the list we quickly assembled between contractions. I am determined to be better prepared this time.

diaper bag, electronic bag, and duffel bag

My bags are packed and now all I need to do when the contractions start is to skim the following list to be sure I remembered everything.

Best of Friends

EJ met N, her best of friends, a year ago while at story time at our local library. The two of them hit it off just as quickly on their first play-date as her mom and I did. We were kindred spirits from the start. I have great memories of sewing, cooking, and biking together. Living just a few blocks away from each other provided many hours of wonderful get togethers. This video gives just a small glimpse into our girl's friendship. Though we are apart by miles we are close in spirit. Till our paths cross again!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

all decked out in green

Having become accustomed to attending parades for every holiday in Pensacola, I was excited that Bethlehem was planning a 2nd Annual St. Patrick's Day parade. We weren't sure what to expect but the Pennsylvania Irish didn't let us down as Main Street filled with green.

EJ received a Lady Liberty crown before the parade began and was happy to fashion it as she danced in the street waiting for the bagpipes to arrive.

There were bagpipes and more bagpipes to enjoy.

No beads were thrown but EJ did get to catch some sweets in her shamrock bucket.

three generations of kearney irish

Saturday Morning at the Steel Stacks

The Bethlehem Steel Stacks are an imposing structure on the skyline of south Bethlehem. Once producing the second largest amount of steel in the country (behind Pittsburgh) they are now the backdrop to a dynamic arts, cultural and education campus on 4.5 acres of former Bethlehem Steel land.

Ever the sleuth of local events for EJ to attend, my mom discovered Peas and Q's, a Saturday morning program held every week in the Arts Quest building. This week the children enjoyed an excerpt of a local production of Stuart Little.

They were given mouse detective badges and helped track down Stuart and Margalo. They climbed into washing machines, interviewed Snowball the cat, rowed a canoe, and went ice skating together. EJ loved the pretending!

An added benefit is the farmer's market held at the same time in the building. We enjoyed a spinach pesto muffin while EJ explored the park outside.

Next week starts the Passport Series where the kids will get to visit Ireland!

"My Little Leprechaun" Outfit

A 99 cent t-shirt from Goodwill, a half yard of green corduroy fabric, 19 inches of elastic, and some fabric scraps were all I needed to create an outfit for EJ to wear to our St. Patty's Day parade. I love how excited she gets when I make her something new to wear and this time was no different. She especially liked the button at the center of her four leaf clover.

ready to sew

I meant to do a shamrock applique but ended up doing a four leave clover out of four hearts I cut out. Once the applique has been sewn onto the t-shirt, but skirt doesn't take much longer to make. As always, I used this tutorial to make the skirt (finally memorized).


Spring Planting

pansy blossom

The splendor of spring has arrived in Pennsylvania. EJ donned her gardening jacket, got out her shovel and helped Grandma plant some flowers today.

getting ready to plant

so many beautiful colors

she picked out her favorite ones

and planted them in pots

EJ enjoyed some rest and snacks in the wheelbarrow while Grandma finished up raking in the gardening bed.

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