Welcome HKO

DaddyO's sister drove down from Cape Cod to introduce us to HKO, the newest member of our family. She is cute as a button and sweet as can be. EJ is thrilled to have a girl cousin and CJ enjoyed all her kisses.

acquainting the newest cousins
The weather was beautiful for playing outdoors. EJ found JoJo loved water just as much as she did and they splashed in the frigid kiddie pool together till their teeth chattered.

Oh the summer life!

Bahrain Package

i have a package
There was a yellow slip waiting for us when we returned from our VA trip. DaddyO's Bahrain package was at the post office ready to be picked up. EJ is used to a weekly trip to the post office to send him a package, but this was the first time she got to pick one up!

She ran excitedly to the post office counter and proudly told the postwoman that she was there for "MY daddy's package". It was big and filled with everything she loves.

 Dresses, bracelets, a pink stuffed camel, and gourmet dates were just some of the contents.

Ellie was excited to try on DaddyO's new gifts

And I was excited to see some of his pictures from Bahrain.

Read Know Learn Go

find this printable here
EJ is giving her little bro a jump start on reading. he "read" to of her favorite books to him (she has many favorites) and made sure to point out the important pictures. He was a captive audience.


The Best!

from them all
A move, a deployment, and a new son. So much has happened since our last Father's Day with DaddyO and through it all I know more than ever that he is "the best".

My Little Seamstress

ej's baby blanket made by avia
With the arrival of EJ came my passion for sewing.  I saw outfits and toys I had to have for her and making them was the most affordable and fun route. Fortunately I had the support and expertise of my friend Kimberly as well as DaddyO's mom Avia. Kimberly's Brother sewing machine and Avia's easy to understand instructions took the frustration and difficulty out of learning this new skill. I've been sewing ever since!

learning from avia
It is neat to see how my sewing has affected Ellie. She gets excited when I bring her a new outfit and immediately asks "Mommy made this?!" Now she is the one learning how to sew. She went to work making dresses, hats, and necklaces the last time we visited Avia. She measured, the fabric, marked it with the marker, cut it into the desired piece and then made us sit down for a fitting.

When she was finished we all were adorned with one of her creations.

Oh how I look forward to seeing what she makes in these years to come!

Two Months Old

all smiles

I only recently realized how big a milestone turning two months is, especially when it comes to a doctor's perspective. EJ's first two years of life never gave me reason to visit an ER but I have already had two visits in CJ's first two months. He didn't have anything serious in my mind, a 101 degree fever one time and cough the other, but anything and everything is serious (or can escalate to being very serious) in a doctors mind if the child is under 60 days. Fortunately no medicine was necessary and CJ recovered quickly.

Thanks to a sister who shares more than just kisses with her little brother, I have learned some important lessons:
  1. Minimize the exposure to sickness for not only the baby but also siblings. Something that results in a small cough for a two year old can easily be shared and manifest itself much worse in a newborn.
  2. Research the sickness and understand the treatment. A virus and infection are different creatures and treated differently.
  3. Understand that the doctors want to help your child, but they're prescription may be a blanket recommendation and not necessary the best for your situation (x-rays, antibiotics, etc.)
Thankfully, other then his few bouts with sickness, he has had a lot of other firsts his second month of life. He has rolled over three times on his own, hits at the toys on his jungle gym, and follows his sister around the room with his eyes. The belly laughs, coos, and gurgles just melt my heart. I love two!

Rapunzel Painting Party

EJ has been counting down the days till the birthday party of her good friend Boo. Having a two year old girl has quickly plunged me into the world of princesses so I've learned that the only thing better than a Rapunzel birthday party is a Rapunzel painting birthday party. What a fun party theme for both girls and boys!

EJ got to paint a canvas.


Hit a pinata.

line up
and candy 
 And enjoy some colorful cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Boo!

with the birthday girl

Squealing About Sushi

DaddyO, EJ and I had a favorite sushi restaurant we would frequent during our stay in Norfolk. Being pregnant I couldn't enjoy the raw stuff but EJ sure did!


I hadn't had sushi since moving up north and so I thought our return to Norfolk would be a good time to take her out. I had just accomplished a six hour car ride by myself. How could this be harder?

Two kids alone in a car is a bit different than alone with two kids in a restaurant. CJ decided to blowout his diaper just after the rolls arrived and Ellie felt the need to hula dance to the Japanese music. Not the relaxing lunch I had hoped for, but the sushi was delicious and I left knowing EJ had enjoyed a healthy lunch.

A Weekend with Uncle J

EJ loves her Uncle J and was thrilled to be spending the weekend with him. I don't know what she enjoyed more, feeding the geese, swimming in his rooftop pool, body painting, or seeing the big ships at HarborFest.

they have no fear (the geese that is)
goggly eyed
only uncle j would teach this
uh oh
say cheese
lots of paint
big ships
and fireworks
I do know all of these activities were all the more special because she was with him.

Hitting the Road

chesapeake bay bridge
Our family loves to travel. When we look back twenty years from now I think we'll be happy to look back at all the things we explored, dreamed, and discovered together as a family.

I tackled my first long car drive on my own with two little ones this last weekend. We headed south to visit Uncle J in Norfolk, VA. EJ has been doing 16 plus hour drives since she was three months old (PA to MN and back) and CJ proved to be just as good of a road warrior.

I loaded up the car with books, cd's and (most importantly for me) snacks and we hit the road. 

surrounded by books and dolls
We made a couple stops along the way to get gas and stretch our legs.

fill'er up
But most of the drive was spent reading books and smiling at the mirror.


I even was able to enjoy an audio book while they slept.

sleeping angels
I love car drives and look forward to tackling another 16 plus one when DaddyO returns! For now though I think I'll stick to the six hour ones.

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