Mission Accepted

spy birthday card

Agent Little Pinky accepted the mission to attend Agent O's birthday party and enjoyed an afternoon filled with tossing bombs, dodging lasers, and finding secret messages.

I had fun coding my own message for the party. The birthday spy had to use the cipher below to decode the location of his birthday present.

My Priviledge

governor's gate, london
Watching the London Olympics brought me back to the semester I spent there ten years ago and met the love of my life. Here are some photo memories of that wonderful time.

My Pink Bowling Ball

Bowling has always been a fun excursion for us but now that we have our own bowling shoes it is also a cheap one.  I have also been getting free game coupons to our local bowling ally from RiteAid (my weekly photo trips for DaddyO are paying off) so now is EJ's time to learn how to bowl!

Of course EJ needed a special bowling shirt for the game . With a little fabric, heat' n bond, and thread the shirt was ready in 15 minutes.

applique template
 I love seeing how excited she is to wear her "occasion" shirts!

i love bowling this much
  We met up with some friends for a girls night (plus CJ of course) out to hit some pins.

EJ of course picked out a pink ball to throw (looks orange in the pictures) and cracked us as she carried her 8 lb ball to the ramp. She insisted on doing it herself.

Her favorite part of the game turned out to be watching for her ball to come up the belt. Ahh, the little things that bring so much excitement:)

waiting for it
that's my name!
Amidst the sound of balls, pins, and teenybopper music, CJ had a restful nap. Can't wait till he can play the game with us!

Grandma's Chickadee

This young chickadee has been frequenting Grandma's backyard recently. I was able to capture his picture as he was enjoying a drink at her birdbath. EJ is learning the names to all of Grandma's birds and does a pretty good chickadee call.

Paint Chip Notebook

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to picking out paint chips. My eyes are bigger than my painting needs. I arrive home with the full rainbow array of colors and then must whittle my selection down to just one.

I'm in the process of painting an ally find (old blackboard) and accessories (wood frames) for CJ's room. The chosen color for now is Inchworm. A bright, yet not too florescent, green that will pull and play with the other greens in his room.

What to  do with my left over paint chips? Make cute notebooks of course! They just take a couple minutes to make, require everything you probably already have (paint chip, copy paper, stapler), and are the perfect size to slip in your pocket or purse.

Behr has my favorite paint chips. Yes, there is a big difference. Behr's are bigger, have four colors, and more imaginative names. The colors of the notebook below include: Costa Rica Blue, Windjammer, Isle of Capri, and Ocean Blue.

Start with your paint chip and five or so sheets of white paper. 

Fold both in two and then staple the spine with three staples.

Whala, your paint chip notebook is ready for you to sketch, jot, or write in!

Winter in July

Despite the heat wave we are experiencing, or maybe because of it, snow and sledding have been on mind. I found this terrific Yankee Clipper sled and CJ's "Le Bebe" hat recently at my favorite thrift store. Why not take the sled out for a test run?

EJ was happy to try it out...

while CJ looked on.

We also watched some old (okay six months is not that old but it's all relative to a two year old) movies of EJ sledding with DaddyO. The temperature seemed to drop while watching them. Let it snow!

First Ice Cream

not a milk mustache
CJ got to try his first ice cream this week and he sure did love it! At three months I know he's a little young for the sweet goodness but it just seemed wrong eating my mango gelato in front of him without sharing a little.
If I remember right EJ was about the same age when she had her first ice cream....

Yep,  she got a taste (thanks to Grandma) while visiting the Museum of Science and History in Chicago.

 EJ was asleep this time while we enjoyed our Rita's desserts but her cousins were wide awake:)


The Real Family

My little brother is a pro at meshing home movies with songs.  I'm always excited to see his newest creation. This one of our Fourth of July weekend together makes me smile every time I see it.

Three Months Old

Smiles and giggles are constant this month. CJ rolls from his stomach to back to stomach. He is almost too long for his bassinet and is able to scoot all the way across his playmat.

Fishing at Evergreen Lake

my little fisherman
 Our family headed to Evergreen Lake for a morning of fishing. It took a bit of research to find the perfect spot to take the kids. Once we arrived at this picturesque lake, just a short drive from our house in Bath, PA, we knew we had found it! The lake is stocked with trout and there is a lot of shade.

It took a little time for EJ to warm up to the worms and get her fingers dirty, but once she did she was all about them. I just had to be sure she didn't see me get squeamish about putting the worm she had just split for me on the hook.

finding the work a home

Fortunately her uncles were a big help with all the icky stuff.

The little ones (and big ones) were catching fish in no time.


We took twelve trout home with us. Uncle J cleaned and fillet all of them and we enjoyed a tasty fish fry that night.

the fish I caught!

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