Signs of Autumn

 Autumn is in the air when the scarecrow goes up. He's there to protect the quards, pumpkins, and squash from from above. EJ enjoyed dressing Mr. Crow with grandma and then grandpa helped her put on the head.

 The kids do a great scarecrow impression.
Grandpa even got in on it!

Silly Boy

Our little guy is a comedian. His personality is blossoming and it's fun to watch all his goofiness come out.

He enjoys the challenge of making people smile and always seems to accomplish the task:)

Canoeing Jim Thorpe

We found this beautiful lake when my parents took the grandkids camping a few months ago. We loved Mauch Chunk Lake so much we said we had to return for an afternoon of canoeing.

We packed a picnic lunch, put the canoe on the car and made the 45 minute drive to Jim Thorpe.

There was a shady spot by the lake where we had a nice view of the boaters while we ate. I could see why some locals said this spot was the area's best kept secret. No entrance fee and a tranquil setting.

EJ was quick to put on her life jacket as soon as we finished lunch.

We had enough jackets for both kids to go out at the same time but CJ was content to sit on the bank and watch his sister at first. He likes to observe things before he tries them.

After their long trip around the lake seeing the ducks and watching the fish, he was ready to jump in for a ride.

It was a relaxing afternoon at the lake.

Blueberry Picking

I love blueberries! It is always hard for me to pick a favorite dinner, dessert, or drink, but when it comes to fruit, I can pretty easily say that this little berry is my favorite (it would be a little harder if rhubarb wasn't considered a vegetable)

When I found out that blueberry season was at its height in PA while we were visiting, I knew we had to go. Our friend told us of George Schmidt Berry Farm, a fabulous place she picks gallons of blueberries from and we were excited to join her for a picking excursion.

First we had to have the proper picking equipment. EJ made a container to hang around her neck out of a milk container.

And CJ's was a plastic container.

They decorated them with stickers and were eager to put them to use.

The blueberries were plump and plentiful in the bushes.


EJ knew exactly what to do


and CJ was right behind her.


The berries were at the perfect height for him to pick and he filled up his pail before he realized he could pop them in his mouth.

After that there was no hope of any of them making it to his bucket. His mouth and fingers were the telltale signs of how much he enjoyed them. EJ was a great help at filling up my pail. Before we knew it, it was filled to the top.


At $1.85/lb I was happy to bring home as much as we could pick.

The six pounds we ended up within were gone in a matter of days


What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum 
for want of courage to shake the tree? 
~Logan Pearsall Smith 

EJ had no lack of courage when Grandma said it was time to pick the plums off her tree.

 She climbed up the ladder at reached to the highest boughs.


 Her reward was sweet and juicy plums that only homegrown love can produce.

CJ sure appreciated all the work his big sister did. He popped them in one after another!

Shelling Grandma's Peas

One thing we know when we visit Grandma over the summer is there will be a lot of veggies and fruits to pick and enjoy from her garden. Going out in the morning with a colander in hand is a favorite activity of EJ's.

Grandma's peas are always a big producer. Here is EJ showing me how to shell them. 

 They sure are sweet!

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