Our bags were packed and we said our last goodbyes to the family.

Fortunately we should be seeing both sets of grandparents within the next six months so it was more of a see you later.

We headed to the airport for a flight back to San Diego so we could catch our flight to Japan the next day. The kids were excited to be at the airport to see and ride the planes.

They tried to be as helpful as possible with the carry-ons

But were both asleep by the end of our first flight. We had fun figuring out how to transfer them as well as all our carry-ons to the next flight. The key was a strong husband and taking it slowly.


Fortunately everything arrived safely in San Diego.

DaddyO picked up the rental car and we headed to the Navy lodge to get what sleep we could before our big flight the next day.

Her Own Steps

We made sure to bring our ice skates along so EJ could spend some time at the ice while visiting the Grandparents. We have gone every year to the skating rink I worked at as a kid. She has gotten progressively better with just the little amount of time she's spent in her skates.

Just another couple times on the ice and she should be hands free!

Make Them Laugh

CJ is our little comedian. He loves to smile and make others smile. Finding Grandma's glasses and putting them on for us did just that. We were all smiling and giggling along with him.

Unfortunatley they don't help much for reading and he quickly chose his books over the glasses.

The BIG Box

DaddyO is known for liking a box of chocolates so the night before we were to fly overseas he was given the mother of all boxes by a family friend. There was no way he could eat it all in one night but the kids were happy to help him try.

First EJ learned how to identify each piece.

CJ quickly wanted to learn as well.

 In no time their favorite pieces were popped in their mouths.

We just may be able to find a little extra space in our bags for a couple more pieces...

Ice Cream and Candles

With all the preparations for EJ's birthday I was hoping to gloss over mine, but for some reason Grandma wouldn't let that happen. I guess I'll be doing the same for my kids someday. The candles were lit, the song was sung, and the kiddos helped me blow. I must say the ice cream cake was delicious and it reminded me of all I have to be thankful for. Each year is a blessing!

Under the Sea Birthday Party

January Blues are not a problem in our house. EJ is quick to remind us that her birthday immediately follows Christmas and as soon as the holiday decorations are put away we are off planning her special day. I got to plan her first one all on my own, she had some say for number two (Grandma's and Avia's), and by number three it was all her. 

She knew exactly what she wanted for her 4th birthday, an underwater Ariel birthday. Simply as she explains "because I love to swim." She has never seen the movie but is fully aware of the princess. Since we would be at the Grandparents her birthday weekend Grandma swam with the idea.

We had a small "tea time" get together with everything based on the theme. EJ picked out the cake she liked and I had fun making it. Her peg doll princess came in handy for the the topper.

Grandma made an assortment of treats.

EJ filled up her plate.

CJ was quite excited to eat with her..

Grandma's jellyfish pinata was a hit.

Hit after hit that is. The kids eventually broke it open!

Then EJ got to sit on her "throne" and blow at the four candles.

In her mind she was officially four!

The friends and family who attended made the party very special for her.

EJ will always remember turning four thanks to you!

Birthday Preparations

Almost as good as the birthday itself is the preparation for the party. Grandma had been gathering items and making treats with Aunt M for a couple weeks but she still left a couple things for us to help her with. Grandma has become a fan of Pinterest and came up with some great under the sea treats.

First EJ cut out the sugar cookies.

 Then used this recipe to paint them. 

Painted Sugar Cookies

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/4 tsp water
  • food coloring
  • small clean paint brushes
  1. In small bowl beat the egg yolk and water until mixed. Divide into bowls for as many colors as you will be making.
  2. Put a few drops of food coloring in each bowl and mix. Use paint brushes to paint designs onto the sugar cookies then bake accordingly.
  3. If more yolk mixture is needed double or triple the recipe for desired amount of "paint".

 The result was vibrant and colorful cookies.

Second were the oyster "pearl" cookies.

Just a few ingredients were needed (lemon cookies, mint pearls, frosting, candy eyes) and the assembly was perfect for a soon to be four year old.

First she mixed the frosting.

Then assembled the cookies with Grandma.


And they were ready for the party.

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