EJ's Self Portrait

 EJ made a self portrait in her art class and they were on display in her class room. I don't know if I would have been able to pick EJ's out without her help.

I love her black hair and big eyes.

This will be a portrait for her to remember!

Yochien Bento Lunch

The PTA hosted a bento box lunch for the yochien parents. It gave us the opportunity to eat the same lunch the kids were having while watching pictures of each class. Fortunately this event was child friendly so the boys got to go in with me.

We sat in the main hall on cushions we brought from home.

EJ eats a bento box prepared by a local company on Mondays through Thursdays.

I was interested to see what her meal was like. I get a monthly menu so I know there is always a protein, starch, vegetable, and fruit, but it is hard to envision the quantity or quality. It was the perfect amount for a child and the flavors melded nicely. Each meal is about 450 calories.

CJ got his own bento box and had no problem eating it all up.

Baby B hung out and watched.

Then we watched the slide show of them playing outside, doing art, enjoying a petting zoo, visiting the school garden, and many other fun activities. We spotted EJ in quite a few of the pictures and she looked like she was enjoying herself.

Friend Day

I don't think EJ could think of a better way to spend a full day off from school than with her friend R.

They made a day of it. First it was strawberry picking at our local greenhouse. 

Then lunch at the park.

EJ had been looking forward to going to her friend's house all by herself for weeks and so I was excited to see the pictures R's mother sent. EJ was beaming as she dressed up with her friend.

Then it was band practice. They sang and played the piano together.

I don't think a concert is too far off in the future.

Baby B Faces

Only two months old and the pictures are already adding up. I don't want to be accused of taking less of our third.

Baby B always has a smile ready and makes taking pictures quite easy. I never know what face I am going to capture.

I would love to know what he was thinking behind some of these faces.

His smile comes through his eyes.

The tongue always adds some excitement.

With the right outfit he can look like quite the little man.

His eyes are still blue and match his sister's. We will see how long that lasts...

Frozen Dress Up

While DaddyO is away the kids received some special packages in the mail. Since EJ loves to dress up and spend the afternoon pretending with her dolls, she received Anna and Elsa dolls and dresses from DaddyO. If only he could have heard the squeal she let out when she opened the package!

her frozen stare

Japanese Car Books

I could spend a lot of time perusing the Japanese bookstores. Fortunately they make it easy for the kids to stay occupied while I do it.

Even though we can't read (or sound out) the words in the books yet, there is still plenty to learn.

The car, train and plane books are usually where I'll find CJ.

I picked up a couple that have become a favorite of his. We got them translated so I can even read what the author intended instead of my own translation. This one is called "Various Cars Around Me" by Tadayoshi Yamamoto.

CJ loves looking out the window of our van and will point out the different cars he spots from the book. 

The next one he calls his "Daddy Cooper" book since the main character is a little red Mini Cooper. It is called "The Little Red Car and Worker Vehicles in City" by Toshihiko Ando.

Illustrations are what I notice first about a book and these ones not only tell the story but also give you a glipse of life on a Japanese street.

Our library is growing quickly...now I just need to catch up with all the translating!

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