Thanksgiving 2014

Not having our Thanksgiving feast on the official holiday happened again this year. DaddyO returned the day before so he used the holiday to unpack and we did our cooking on Black Friday. The kiddos didn't know any better and it was nice to have a couple extra days for the turkey to defrost.

The fact that we were together as a family celebrating was all that mattered.

Thanks go living on base our turkey easily fit into the oven.

he only hiccup we encountered was finding out that the commissary was closed. Finding a few ingredients proved to be challenging in a Japanese grocery store but fortunately DaddyO is always up for a challenge and he pulled together a delicious meal.

He carved.

We gave thanks and ate.

Mr. Turtle at the Aquarium

Christian went on a special DaddyO date while EJ was at school. When asked where he wanted to go, his immediate reply was "the aquarium." He made sure he wore his aquarium shirt and brought Mr. Turtle along for the trip.

Of course he had to visit the giant sea turtles.


Almost the size of one!


Seeing all the fish can be exhausting.

After a quick nap on the train he had enough energy for a sushi. It's not everyday he gets to sit at the counter with the chef.

It is amazing what an impression just a couple hours of alone time with DaddyO can make. He was talking about his "daddy date" for weeks.

Welcoming Him Home

While we frequently have to say our farewells and hellos, the welcome homes are as exciting as ever. We were able to get an approximate arrival time and meet DaddyO's ship pier side.

The kids had their toilet paper binoculars to help catch the first glimpse and then were out in the cold doing to the welcome home dance.

 They watched the tugboats push him alongside another boat at the guys were on throwing ropes and tugging. It was the best kind of entertainment.

This image is one I always like to see since it means DaddyO's feet are on dry land with us.

Things That Make Me Smile

Sigh...seeing this pile on my kitchen table makes me smile. I love trips to the library almost as much as I love reading the books, magazines and cds we bring home.

Today's pile includes a cookbook for dinnertime inspiration, childrens books for our bedtime routine, classical violin and cello music for our drives in the car (CJ insists on classical music right now and I won't argue), and magazines for me to peruse with a cup of tea after the kids are asleep.

Mr. Destructo

Ready or not, this phase is least he does it all with a smile.

Okonomiyaki Class

Thanks to some wonderful Japanese ladies I now have a new Japanese meal to make at home. We love to go out for okonomiyaki (as you like it) but now that won't be necessary. These delicious pancakes are extremely easy to make.

We met at a local community center and started cooking.

Our senseis picked up all the ingredients. This is their mix of choice. 

We followed the directions on the package. But this seems to be a good recipe if you want to make it from scratch

These are some of the ingredients we added:


Everyone was put to work chopping, slicing, and mixing.

All little hands were put to use.

After everything was mixed it was ready to be added to the griddle.

 What delicious looking pancakes.

CJ ate almost a whole one on his own and Baby B even got some bites.

I look forward to many more cooking adventures with these lovely ladies!


It's always nice to have some downtime in between excursions. We filled the time with some mending and sewing.

Nap time.

 Play time.

And just plain silly time:)


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