Super Baby

 Life is never dull being the mom to my little Superman.

Thanks to a switcharoo by Grandma, Baby B was able to show his true superhero capabilities. 

He was up, up and away. He couldn't get enough of the flying and kept crawling back for more.

 It sure is wonderful having a Superbaby in the house to keep us all smiling.

Fuji San

We are greeted by the view of Fuji San on a clear morning but it is truly more magnificent when near the base looking up.

After seeing it our whole visit to Fuji Safari Park and trying to capture it's beauty through the trees DaddyO found us the perfect spot to capture it.

We took photos every way imaginable.

I think this one is my favorite.

Of course all CJ wanted to do was throw rocks.

And Grandpa and EJ had fun jumping.

I keep hearing how this active volcano could erupt at any moment but I hope it gives Japan a nice long sleep.

Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park was seemed to be on the top of everyone's list of recommended places to visit in Japan with kids. After spending the day there it's on the top of my list, kids or no kids. It's not your typical zoo, but a driving and petting experience like no other.

 We began our visit doing the safari drive in our car.

The kids started off in their own seats but quickly migrated up front for a better view.

Through the gates we went.

The bears were the first area we drove through. They were hanging out in the trees and sunning by the side of the road.

Then we entered the lions' section. Fortunately there was hardly anyone else driving through with us and we could spend as much time as we wanted watching these majestic animals just a few feet from our car.

These lovely signs greeted us as we went through each gate. A gently reminder of the danger outside our vehicles.

We spent some time watching a cheetah stalk an animal in the herbivorous area. What a treat to watch his friends do some full out sprints in excitement watching him on the hunt.

DaddyO had a great time photographing the animals up close.

Having a giraffe approach our car and proceed to chew/lick our roof was probably the highlight of the drive. CJ wasn't sure at the time how much he liked having the giraffe so close at the time but then couldn't stop talking about it. It definitely left an impression.

As exciting as the drive was being in the comfort of our own vehicle allowed for some much needed naps.

All the driving got the kids hungry so the kids enjoyed a Japanese lunch before we headed out to pet the animals.

I remember how excited I was to pet kangaroos for the first time in Australia. If only I had known then there was a park in Japan where it was also possible. At least we were able to give the kids this awesome first experience without another international flight.

They were in their glory with the red kangaroos.

There were plenty of other animals to pet and feed as well.


Squirrel monkeys.


White kangaroos.


Mt Fuji loomed over us our whole visit. We captured a few shots from different spots throughout the park but little did we know DaddyO would find the perfect spot for a shoot right outside the park.

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