Another Year

Avia flew in just in time to celebrate her son's birthday with us. DaddyO took the kids (all three!) on an excursion to the airport to pick her up and then I had an cream cake was waiting on their return.


We welcomed two furry friends into our house. The kids each got to make a trip with me to the pet store to pick out their hamster. CJ is grey which he named Matcha and EJ's is white and named Snow. The kids got right to work making them homes to explore.

We had a bit of fun with Snow the first morning home. She was much faster than EJ anticipated and we were searching the house for hours. We said a little prayer together and a little while later during breakfast I found a hamster nibbling at my feet.

Painting Party

CJ was in his element painting masterpieces at his friend's birthday party. Bubbles and cake were squeezed in between the brush strokes.

Tokyo Toy Museum

The Tokyo Toy Museum tops the list of CNN's "Best Kids' Spots in Tokyo". It's an old elementary school converted into a museum specializing in all toys wooden and natural. I was in heaven! We arrived when it opened and stayed until the doors closed.

The girls collected sakura blossoms before we went inside.


We started our visit with a class on making origami caterpillars.

Then it was upstairs to explore the rooms.

They spent the most time picking vegetables to stock up their store and house.

We enjoyed lunch outside and then returned for more playtime.

Nothing more simple or fun than a tub full of wooden beds.

The girls created forest scenes on a chalkboard.

CJ enjoyed the science table. He got to try all sorts of experiments.

Both boys were excited to find a tatami house just their size.

A fun day for all.

Blossoms in the Sun

DaddyO always found himself on a boat during sakura season in years past so we were excited to take him to experience hanami with us for the first time at our favorite local park.

The cherry blossoms were at their peak and the sun was shining.

We sat under the trees for a while but then the kids were ready for a walk along the river.

First they watched the giant koi under the bridge.

Next it was teaching Baby B the finer points of rock throwing.

Nothing like bare feet in the grass.

DaddyO enjoyed his first hanami experience and it looks like he'll be around for the whole season next year. It sure is great having him home!

Downtown Tokyo Hanami

The beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan is they're everywhere. After a day at the museum we jumped on a bus and off at a park to enjoy some downtown cherry blossoms.

They were a beautiful backdrop to watching the kids play.

And of course pictures.

On our walk home Christian found his favorite car...

and EJ enjoyed some girl time.

Handsome Boys

It's always fun finding photo spots in Tokyo. Cement and circles seem to call my camera.

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