Umeboshi Potluck

The theme of this month's potluck group was ume boshi, or pickled plums. Everyone brought a dish to share that incorporated this summer ingredient. It was fun seeing the variety of recipes.

There was even ume juice.

CJ was quick to fill up his plate with the delicious food.

Rice Paddy Blueberries

We made our way through fields of green rice paddies to spend a morning picking one of my favorite fruits, blueberries.

It was a hot 90 some degree day but the kids stayed focused on filling up their pails.

 Munching kept them going.


The fruit was sweet and succulent.

The bushes were surrounded by rice husk mulch.

Before long their pales were full of the large berries.

Baby B ate them by the fistful


 Fortunately we still had  a lot to bring home.


CJ had some other things he wanted to bring home as well.

It was fun picking with friends. 

And making new ones with the farmers.

Splashing in the pool was the perfect end to a hot morning. 


Leading the Way

DaddyO sent me this picture from a recent exercise. If you look closely you can see their helicopter leading the way.


I have a love hate relationship with Legos so it's nice to find somewhere the kids can build without putting sets away.

We headed to Tokyo and spent the afternoon indoors away from the summer heat.

We met up with friends who are bit Lego enthusiasts and the kids built. 

 My favorite section was the depiction of Tokyo in legos.

The city moved from morning to night.

CJ was excited to spot Godzilla rising over our favorite people watching spot at the Shibuya crossing. 

There was a race car section where the kids build their own cars and then tested them on the track.


 Another section geared more to BH's age but of course the older siblings loved that as well.


In addition to all the learning they got through building on their own, I felt like we got a little school in at Lego university where they followed instructions on how to make a space shuttle.

The older two followed along intently.

The youngest build his own creation on the floor. 


I headed home yet again with sleeping kiddos on the train.

A sign of a great day!

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