Iced Matcha Latte

matcha powder

I love tea! My love for it started while studying in London and then grew while living in Japan. Each place has a unique style and taste, the British with a formal black and the Japanese with an earthy green, but both treat tea time as an oases from a busy day. That is one of the elements I so love about tea.

Every afternoon I treat myself to a matcha latte. In the winter I enjoy it hot and in the summer it is refreshing on ice.

Once you have the needed utensils it is easy to make. The numerous health benefits make it a "why haven't I been drinking it all these years"?!

I first learned how to make this fabulous drink from Keiko Sensei. She was an instructor in Tokyo who worked for Lupicia, still my favorite tea company.

Here are my simplified Matcha Latte instructions:

First you need matcha powder, a whisk, bowl, and hot water.

Whisk together a teaspoon of matcha with 1/8 cup near boiling water until smooth and frothy.

Fill a tall glass halfway full of ice, add soy-milk and a teaspoon of honey or simple syrup. (if you use vanilla soy-milk no sweetener is needed). Pour the matcha mixture into the glass and stir until blended. Enjoy!

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