Superhero Mask and Cuffs

making little pew pew noises instantly makes you a superhero

My sweet little (not so little anymore) nephew is turning four this week. He is crazy about anything that has to do with superheros so of course that is the theme of his upcoming birthday party. I was excited when I received the invitation because I had the perfect gift in mind.

felt mask and cuffs

What more could any superhero need but a mask and arm cuffs? Okay, a cape and some nifty weapons would also be helpful but I was sure he already has those:)

I used this mask template to cut out two pieces of felt (red and blue), sewed them together and added elastic.

The arm cuffs were a bit more difficult. I used EJ's arm to get the idea of the size and then cut felt to fit. When I get a chance I will upload the final template I used.

Here are some more fun things you can include with the gift:
Superhero Cape
Superhero Identity Card

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