Pooh Beehive Cupcake Birthday Cake

EJ's favorite movie Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree was the inspiration for her second birthday party at Avias. I offered to make the cake and was thrilled to find a honeybee cupcake cake in What's New, Cupcake. I thought my first attempt turned out pretty well!

If was fun to make and quite easy once I figured out how to make the hexagon cookie cutters... ended up bending and taping a piece of roof flashing (only 58 cents).

EJ helped me bake the cupcakes and cookies.

I used this recipe for the sugar cookie. And did a stained glass affect in the center of the cookies instead of honey using these directions. Crushed butterscotch hard candy made a delicious center.

Once the cookies had finished baking and cooled, I brushed them with boiled corn syrup and dipped them in yellow sugar. This is a technique I will use again in the future to sugar cookies. It dries nicely and keeps the sugar from being too crunchy on top of the cookie.

I would usually mix my own cake recipe, but due to the fact that we are in transit living with relatives, I thought this would be a good time to use a box mix. EJ was excited to pick out her cake box... funfetti of course:) That was used for the cupcakes and this was the recipe for the frosting.

I was able to prepare the pieces of the cake (cupcake, cookies) the day before, and then easily assemble the cake the day of her party. I frosted the cupcakes and laid them out in a beehive shape, placed a cookie on top of each and then all I had left to do was put on the bees.

Each is simply a black jelly bean (larger size bought in the bulk candy section) decorated with yellow and black royal icing and two slivered almonds. I used a half recipe for the royal icing, colored it and then used ziplock bags with the corner snipped off to decorate them.

EJ's reaction to the cake when it was all done made it worth every moment spent baking and decorating.

She especially liked the bees!

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