Palm Tree Delivery

I am a northern girl, I know more about evergreens than I do palm trees, so I was in uncharted waters when DaddyO told me a palm tree was in his landscape design and I was in charge of finding it and having it delivered. Boy did learn a lot!

My mom and I headed down to Palm Source, our local palm tree nursery and were educated on the finer points of owning a "palmae."

First, there are many different types of palm trees in Florida. I was surprised to learn that the bush already in our front yard is actually a Mexican Fan Palm. It is native to Baja, CA and will be nice and tall in a few years.

mexican fan palm

A Sabal Palm was the type DaddyO wanted, a slower grower and Florida's state tree. They were sold at set price so we had our choice of height.

we chose the second from the right

The delivery fee was included in the price and they scheduled the delivery for two days later.

We were excited to see how the tree would be delivered an planted. It turned out to be quite the front porch entertainment...

For a Northern girl I think I did well!

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