East Coast Earthquake

DaddyO and I felt a fair share of small magnitude earthquakes while living in Japan. Strong enough to make our old Japanese house creak and sway at night, but easily missed if we were outside or on the road. I thought earthquakes were behind us for a while when we returned to the eastern part of the US. Surprisingly I was wrong!

I can now tell EJ that she experienced "The Great" East Coast Earthquake.

I was putting her down for an afternoon nap this afternoon when the bedroom started to shake and the fan swayed. My first thought was that there may be a sink hole below my parents house (something that not uncommon for the area) but if felt too similar to what I had experienced while in Japan. I scooped EJ up and ran downstairs yelling to my mom that I thought we had just experienced an earthquake. She had been outside working on the garden and didn't believe me at first but then my dad called and confirmed what we had felt. His third floor department evacuated their building when they felt the quake.

Fortunately no damage was done nor people hurt in this earthquake. Many more people can now say though they have experienced one

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