Ever'man's Story Sprouts

enjoying a story

We have always loved living a few blocks away from Ever'man Natural Foods for their delicious produce, extensive bulk section, and amazing selection of health products, but I added one more reason I love the store when EJ started attending their Story Sprouts a while back.

EJ always gets excited when we drive into their parking lot. She knows she'll either have a fun shopping experience with mom (which starts with a drink of water at the front of the store) or she'll get to see all her friends at Story Sprouts. I get excited because I know she will have a wonderful time listening to stories, making crafts and sampling healthy snacks with some fabulous friends. I will truly miss this Tuesday morning excursion!

craft time

cars and paint

make for lots of artistic fun

a couple used bottle caps

are transformed into a car

and we can't forget about snack time

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