Blueberry Picking

I love blueberries! It is always hard for me to pick a favorite dinner, dessert, or drink, but when it comes to fruit, I can pretty easily say that this little berry is my favorite (it would be a little harder if rhubarb wasn't considered a vegetable)

When I found out that blueberry season was at its height in PA while we were visiting, I knew we had to go. Our friend told us of George Schmidt Berry Farm, a fabulous place she picks gallons of blueberries from and we were excited to join her for a picking excursion.

First we had to have the proper picking equipment. EJ made a container to hang around her neck out of a milk container.

And CJ's was a plastic container.

They decorated them with stickers and were eager to put them to use.

The blueberries were plump and plentiful in the bushes.


EJ knew exactly what to do


and CJ was right behind her.


The berries were at the perfect height for him to pick and he filled up his pail before he realized he could pop them in his mouth.

After that there was no hope of any of them making it to his bucket. His mouth and fingers were the telltale signs of how much he enjoyed them. EJ was a great help at filling up my pail. Before we knew it, it was filled to the top.


At $1.85/lb I was happy to bring home as much as we could pick.

The six pounds we ended up within were gone in a matter of days

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