Cooking at the New Children's Museum

We joined the New Children's Museum a couple weeks ago. It took me a second to decide if I was willing to pay for a whole year's membership when we'd only be using 3 months of it, but at $10/ticket I knew we'd pay pay it of in just a couple visits. The fact that the membership came with free garage parking (just a couple blocks from the Gas Lamp District) made it a no brainer.

The museum is currently closed as they prepare for their upcoming exhibit "Feast: The Art of Playing with Your Food" but they opened for a few hours today to give us a taste of their upcoming exhibit. The kids made food truck boxes.

And painted food colors.

The highlight of the visit though was getting to attend a cooking class taught by Chef Amanda of The Good Food Factory

Her show has won an Emmy so it was pretty neat that EJ got to learn from her in person!

The kids lined up for class.

Donned their aprons.

 And spent an hour learning how to make hummus from scratch.

After all the squeezing, chopping, and mixing was done, they got to blenderize.

Then it was time to try their creation. 

Ej was proud of what she had made!

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