Okonomiyaki Class

Thanks to some wonderful Japanese ladies I now have a new Japanese meal to make at home. We love to go out for okonomiyaki (as you like it) but now that won't be necessary. These delicious pancakes are extremely easy to make.

We met at a local community center and started cooking.

Our senseis picked up all the ingredients. This is their mix of choice. 

We followed the directions on the package. But this seems to be a good recipe if you want to make it from scratch

These are some of the ingredients we added:


Everyone was put to work chopping, slicing, and mixing.

All little hands were put to use.

After everything was mixed it was ready to be added to the griddle.

 What delicious looking pancakes.

CJ ate almost a whole one on his own and Baby B even got some bites.

I look forward to many more cooking adventures with these lovely ladies!

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