Tokyo Auto Salon

I don't think DaddyO could have thought of a better way to spend the day with CJ than take him to the Tokyo Auto Salon.

They took the train into the city and spent the whole day seeing amazing car after amazing car.

I'm not sure where CJ acquired his love for cars.. He can usually be found with his favorite matchbox model in his hand and pointing out the different parts. Japan is the perfect country for him.

 Here he had buildings full of cars to point out.

They were off to see all of them.

There were cars of all colors.

He went from looking from afar.

To standing alongside.

To riding inside.

He even worked up his courage to get a high five.

Tokyo loves drift and CJ was memorized by the remote control cars sliding around. DaddyO is hoping to get him to see some real ones soon...

It was wonderful when he arrived home and had an endless amount of things to tell us about.

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