DaddyO Homecoming

The only good thing about the deployments are the homecomings. The kids got to experience their first one with DaddyO flying home. What an exiting experience.

He was schedule to land at 11 a.m. so I had a little time to get everyone dressed and ready for the arrival. With how much I had hyped it up we couldn't miss it.

EJ and CJ picked out their own homecoming outfits. EJ wanted her hair in five braids similar to her book "Just Like Mama" and CJ insisted on his flight suite. I made a quick change out of patches so he'd match DaddyO.

Baby B just went with the flow.

It was exciting for the kiddos to be right on the flight line while we watched for the helos to return.

There was plenty to see.

Then there they were. DaddyO up front in formation with the second helo.

The kids waved and waved as the helos landed.

Then we just waited as they parked and turned off the roters.

At first site of DaddyO the kids were off and running.

It was kisses all around.

And more kisses.

The kids were glowing.

They have their DaddyO back!

Our family is complete for a while.

The first thing they wanted to do was go to shabu shabu for lunch.

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