Firefly Viewing

I know summer is truly here when we start to see fireflies. I quickly learned that, like many things here in Japan, watching fireflies is a whole different experience.

I had the first clue when my Japanese friend asked if I had ever seen fireflies and I responded that we catch them all the time at our parents' houses. She looked at me with shock on her face. After a trek through a park to fresh spring water I learned that firefly viewing in Japan is kind of like my family's moose viewing in Minnesota. You hunt and hunt and are excited when you finally see one. Forget about actually getting close to it.

As the sun set more and more people showed up to look for the flashy bugs. CJ wasn't too sure about the darkness but stuck it out till 7:30 and our waiting paid off. Flashes were spotted and the crowd of people oood and ahhhd as if they were watching a fireworks show. The excitement was contagious and the kids excitedly pointed out the flashes they found to me.

It was a peaceful night at the park and the kids continued the peace by falling asleep on the way home. I think I finally figured out a technique to transfer them all sleeping.

A wonderful night!

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