Autumn Apple Picking

Nothing announces the arrival of fall better than a trip to the local apple orchard. While not exactly the same experience I remember as a kid it still brought the taste of autumn.

The orchard was a just a twenty minute drive away.

While the part of Japan we live in is highly populated the amount of farms and community gardens we stumble upon always amazes me. This was no different.

The kids caught grasshoppers in the parking lot while we waited for our friends to join us.


Then we followed the farmers wife to the orchard to begin picking.

Baby B got a quick lesson in twisting the apples off.

Fruit is expensive in this country. But like the strawberries, grapes, and various other fruits we've picked, the flavor is exquisite. Quality over quantity. The 700yen/kilo was worth it!

The kids quickly filled up their baskets.

Then we headed to get our fruit weighed and bagged.

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