From Offer to Walkthrough

It is a bit of a whim that is turning into reality. In just a day we went from seeing a two cottages on Zillow to having our bid accepted and then I was on a plane to Dallas to see them.

This magazine seemed like a fitting reading at the airport as the cottages are just an hour from Waco, TX and will need some renovations. I was inspired!

I met up with my mom in Dallas and had some time to visit with my brother before we drove an hour south to get our first view of the cottages we had so quickly fallen in love with online. I was preparing for disappointment (we could still easily pullout our offer) but thankfully they were were everything we hoped they would be.

The inspector found minor repairs that will keep us busy this summer but nothing major that would cause us to rethink moving forward. I love the size, charm and location. There is a book and tea themed cafe next-door that hosts musicians to play outside in the summer and we we are just a couple blocks from downtown.

A little over 24 hours later I was back on a plane to return to family.

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