Dearest EJ,

You are one year old today. Oh what a wonderful year it has been!

(this song was the reason we chose your name)

We celebrated your big day with a trip to J's Pastry Shop to pick up a birthday cookie. You enjoyed a Filbert along with some pretend sips of DaddyO's coffee.

your first cookie

so many choices

you had some help choosing

We then took you to Bayview park to play on the swings and slide.

It was an unusually cold day, very similar to the one when you were born. Thanks to the cold DaddyO was home to celebrate with you. We had fun reminiscing about that day a year ago. So much has changed since then...

Mobility: a couple steps
Sleep Habits: 7:30 p.m to 7 a.m. in bed with us, morning and afternoon nap
Favorite Instrument: recorder
Favorite Food: sweet potato fries and blueberries
Favorite Activity: sliding down slides
Favorite Book: peekaboo friends
Favorite Word: da (dad)
Favorite Toy: fisher price airplane
Favorite Song: open them, shut them
# of Flights: 12
# of Cross Country Road Trips: 3

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