Palafox Pier Pelicans

they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes

It sometimes takes family coming to visit for us to get out and enjoy all that our town has to offer. One of the "it's very close but we hardly ever go there" places is Palafox Pier.

My mom and I visited it during one of our walks downtown. I had been to the pier during the summer to enjoy its shooting water fountain and ice cream stand, but never thought to visit during the winter. I am so glad we stumbled upon it.

The view of the ocean was as beautiful as ever but the pelicans ended up receiving most of our attention. They hung out by the fishermen waiting for discarded bait to be thrown their way.

The pelicans were very friendly and even let us sit next to them and pose for pictures.

Later, we visited a bait shop in Gulf Breeze to pick up some cigar fish to feed the pelicans. The shop owner laughed a little when we told him why we were buying his bait. He said it was the first time someone had come in looking for pelican food. Not something I would normally think to do but fortunately my mom likes the unusual

We returned to the pier a couple days later and showed EJ how to feed the pelicans. She was not quite sure what to think of the smelly fish and big birds but she had fun watching the pelicans catch the fish.

this is a cider minnow

the throw

the catch

and enjoying the fish

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