Here Comes the Sun

That song was stuck in my mind the whole week Biebs was visiting. Fortunately she had plenty of sun while she was here and we soaked up a lot of it while relaxing on the beach.

Biebs and I go way back. Back to the days before cell phones (our own that is), college, and husbands. We met as lifeguards at the same pool, and spent three fabulous summers together in the sun. She was the one that constantly made me laugh and was always up for hanging out at Borders to "study" or a last minute road trip.

She has visited me every place I have lived and now, as she starts her career in the Navy, I look forward to doing the same for her! I think there will be many more beaches in our future...

EJ loved her time at the beach with Biebs. She got to dig in the sand, play in the waves, and meet new friends.

A new favorite activity of EJ's is fetching water from the ocean to pour into the sand.

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