Sakura Blossom Party

past sakura society members

Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the natural beauty of flowers. Flowers almost always meaning sakura blossoms or cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are not as prevalent here in Pensacola but that did not keep us from celebrating the delicate flower at Angela's house.

Angela and Laurie

We are lucky to have a whole contingent of former Warlords living in our area so this was a great reason to get our kimonos, yukatas, and happi jackets out and enjoy each others company while reminiscing over sake and sakura wine.

finally a chance to wear her kimono

aunt biebs

pumpkin mochi

Mochi took a little bit to get used to when we first moved to Japan. I gradually learned to love the taste and it became a common stack or dessert I enjoyed. Laurie made this fabulous pumpkin mochi recipe which is a great twist on the classic flavors.

cherry cheesecake

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