Michelle's Urban MiniFarm

backyard chicken coupe

I love living in the city where food and entertainment are just a short walk or bike ride away. I have told DaddyO that if we cannot live in the city though, I would love a home where we could have chickens, goats, and other small animals. No suburban life for me; I guess I like extremes.

michelle holding one of her chickens

Now that EJ is getting older we are considering the latter option more and more. DaddyO and I were both lucky enough to grow up in a country setting. I have memories of catching turtles in our lake and DaddyO of playing in the neighboring cornfields.

The other Day I was excited to visit a friend who has combined the best of both worlds. She lives in the city with a farm in her backyard. She calls it her urban minifarm. EJ called it fun!

She got to hold fluffy little bunnies.

It was sad to hear these animals were being raised for their meat, but I guess that is the harsh reality of having a true farm.

Her favorite animal was by far the chicken. They kept for their eggs (which Michelle's 18 month old daughter collects for her each day).

EJ enjoyed carrying around the seed bucket and feeding them.

Michele even chased one down for the kids to pet!

EJ went home with her crocs full of chicken manure and smelling like a barnyard; the sign of a fun filled day. Maybe someday she won't have to go farther than our back door to get the same experience!

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