On the Road Again

Summer vacation is officially in full swing. We were excited to pack up the car and head up north for some time with family and friends.

It is not an entirely work free vacation. DaddyO will be spending a couple weeks in Norfolk, VA flying midshipmen around. Fortunately we will still get to spend time with him and also see my brother who is finishing up his last couple months with the Navy. After that it is further north for more time with family!

ready to hit the road

EJ could tell something was going on as we packed our bags and loaded up the car. It is so much fun having her as an active participant with our travel preparations now. The three main things we made sure we had on our trip for her were toys, books, and snacks. They would make the 850 mil drive much more bearable.

We hit the road early in the afternoon and made a quick stop at Hog Heaven, a hole in the wall barbecue joint DaddyO was told "he had to try" in AL. Then it was just rest areas and gas stations all the way up to VA.

enjoying a georgia rest area

EJ was a wonderful traveler. We timed our departure so we could get a few hours under our belt during her afternoon nap. Then she stayed occupied with toys and books until it was bed time. We drove through the night and she woke up just before our arrival in Norfolk. We could not have asked for a better drive!

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