Our Princess Turns Two

she's two!

We were thrilled to get to celebrate EJ's second birthday with family this year. EJ has been enthralled with princesses ever since her bff introduced her to them a while back so she was thrilled to be surprised by Grandma and Grandpa with a fabulous princess party.

Grandma let her open a few presents early so she could be in full princess attire (dress, shoes, crown and purse) for her royal lunch.

opening presents

The table was set with Grandma's finest china and we even got to cheer EJ with a little sparkly.

Grandma made a special princess cake for EJ that was similar to one I had as a child.

I don't think EJ realized it was a cake until she had blown out the candles and Grandma started cutting into it:)

one more candle to blow

and she did it

i'm two

yes, two!

Each month/year has progressively become my favorite age. We are enjoying everything that comes with being two. She is independent yet loves her cuddle time. Keeps us smiling with the things she says and on our toes with the things she thinks up. She knows how to push our buttons but is just as versed at diffusing them.

she's my little princess

I can't imagine a better age, but I guess we'll just have to see what another year brings us!

posing for the camera

Mobility: Running and jumping
Sleep Habits: 9:00 p.m to 7 a.m. in bed with us, 2 hour afternoon nap
Favorite Instrument: the triangle
Favorite Food: Edamame and chicken nuggets
Favorite Activity: Playing with blocks at B&N
Favorite Book: Eloise Wilkinson Golden Book
Favorite Word: Princess
Favorite Toy: Dolls
Favorite Song: The Wheels on the Bus
# of Flights: 4
# of Cross Country Road Trips: 3

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