A Trip to the ER

EJ loves to climb and has no fear. Fortunately that combination only meant an occasional scrape or bump her first two years of life. That was until recently.

We were getting the car loaded up for DaddyO to go on his first mini cruise with his new job and EJ was climbing around the backseat as we were getting ready to go. She moved quicker than we expected from the side of the car with the door closed to the side with the door opened and fell out head first before we could catch her.

This meant a trip to the ER. EJ has always enjoyed going to the doctors office, she likes the friendly staff and neat "toys" they show her, and fortunately this trip was no different. She was an angel, bruised face and all, as the doctors examined her. The fact that she got to wear a yellow bracelet made it even better for her.

showing off her yellow bracelet
Fortunately no bones were broken in her face and the worst she had to deal with was some swelling and soreness.
enjoying a treat after a long night in the er

It is truly amazing how resilient little ones are, fearfully and wonderfully made! I'm very thankful for her safety and will be even more careful with her climbing after this.

still up for silly faces the morning after

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