A Trip to the "Big Boat"

As DaddyO prepared to go on his long deployment, EJ and I had the opportunity to visit him where he will be working and sleeping for the next six months. EJ experienced DaddyO going out on a ten day cruise last month, so it was nice for her to see what his "big boat" was really like.

one of many metal giants

We passed large ship after large ship as we drove down the pier to meet DaddyO. This wasn't my first time visiting him on a carrier but the sheer length and height of these behemoth ships still amazed me. How do they manage to float with all that metal?

DaddyO led us down narrow flights of stairs, through small doorways, and along long hallways on our way to his stateroom.

an ej sized door (in case of a fire)

door after door after door

Our first stop was to see where he would be spending his down time while away. DaddyO's stateroom consists of a rack of beds on one side, a wall of lockers and desks on the other, and a flat screen TV and small sink at the end. The room is designed to fit three guys but fortunately he will only be sharing it with one other roommate this cruise.

front door

top bunk

and desk

Our next stop was to see the office where he works when not shooting planes off the ship.

Then he led us up to the flight deck and got a tour of his real workspace.

in front of the control tower

his shooting spot

EJ was excited to discover that the ship shares the same initial as her!

"an e"

The timing was just right for us to enjoy a magnificent sunset over the starboard side of the ship. It was the perfect ending to a bittersweet tour of the ship.

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