Quarter Rides and Espresso Soda

I am thrilled to be near the Allentown Farmer's Market again. It's not only a great place to go for fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat, and Amish cheese, but it's also a fun place to take Elli to ride the vintage rides in between shopping. It's the only place I know where the rides are 25 cents. Worth every penny!

 We have our traditions when we visit the market. DaddyO started EJ on the pickles, and I get her a slice of fresh Amish cheese.
I'm not a coffee nor soda drinker but I'm married to an espresso connoisseur, so I was pretty excited when we discovered this Manhattan Original Espresso Coffee Soda at an Italian bakery. We just had to try it!
The drink was so unique and delicious I just might have to track down the store in Brooklyn and get a couple cases.

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