A Special Delivery

The safe and speedy arrival of our little bundle of love was definitely an answer to prayer. CJ, named after DaddyO and Grandpa, was born at 2:29 a.m. the beginning of April. I wasn't sure to expect with this delivery since DaddyO was away and I'd have my first civilian hospital experience, but thankfully it was a wonderful birth story.

My contractions started while sitting in on my dad's apologetics class. It was fitting that while examining the Christian response to Judaism I was having contractions every couple of minutes. I was able to hold off till the end of the class to pick up EJ and head home to pack my bags for the hospital, but unfortunately (or fortunately) when I left the contractions stopped.

I took EJ home and fell asleep with her after our normal bedtime routine. At midnight I woke up with the contractions back and knew that this time it was the real thing. At 5 cm dilated, the doctor had warned me a couple days before that the birth could come quickly. She was right!
asleep at 12:30 a.m.
I tracked my contractions on an app on my playbook and realized they were lasting 30 seconds and only 2-3 minutes apart. I woke my mom, sent an e-mail to DaddyO (and his distribution list), grabbed my bags, and called the doctor. She would be waiting for us at the hospital.

My mom made it to the hospital a little quicker than normal. I got a call from DaddyO while en route, and was able to talk with him on and off through the whole labor.

I checked in to the hospital around 1:30 a.m., was rolled to the delivery room around 2 a.m., and CJ made his appearance a half hour later.
first cries for daddyo
a fabulous doctor and nurse

Grandma was there for support and did a great job capturing the birth for DaddyO.
proud grandma
 EJ woke up the next morning with the happy news that she had a baby brother. My parents said she was beaming the whole way through breakfast and on her way to the hospital. She came running into the room the next morning giggling with a balloon in hand for her "baby brother".
happy big sister

It was wonderful watching EJ hold CJ and see the love and happiness in her eyes. She kept saying to me with a smile "baby out of mommy's tummy".
CJ changed before our eyes the first couple days in the hospital.
day 1
day 2
I got to experience the wonderful advantage of giving birth near family this time. It was wonderful having them visit and introduce him in his first days of life.


The hospital stay was very relaxing. I enjoyed the precious bonding time alone with CJ because I knew it would be a bit different returning to a house with a two year old. My parents and EJ arrived early that morning to enjoy a celebration breakfast together (bagels and cream cheese), took a few pictures and then loaded CJ up in the car seat for the drive home.
the three of us

Since he was born just a few days before Easter he wore Grandma's lamb hat home. EJ was excited to buckle him into the car seat and even more excited to have him next to her in the car on the drive home.

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