Pensacola Bound

on the road again
One of the positives that has come out of the damage from our neighbor's house fire in FL is that we have had the opportunity to visit  Pensacola a bit more than originally planned. We decided to tag along with DaddyO for a trip south to see how the repairs were progressing. He turned what was supposed to be a quick weekend into a week of vacation . Our hope was that the repairs would be completed, we could sign a lease, and move renters in. We accomplished one of our three goals!

We stayed with our close friends and neighbors and EJ got every bit of her Nora time that she missed so much.

We hung out at Flounders and watched DaddyO play some beach volleyball.

Got crafty and made Valentines Day outfits.

Picked up gelato at Dolce.

Popsicles at Beach Pops.

And got to see the repairs to our house and sign a second floor tenant. It was a successful and relaxing trip to the city we love!

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