The End In Sight

neighbors house
It is amazing how much time and effort has resulted from the fire at our neightbor's house. We hope that what happened next door that night in late August will soon be a memory as the house is demolished and we are left with an empty lot.

lot for sale
Much improvement has been made on our house and the end of repairs and renovations is in sight.  The first floor repairs had been completed in December so our tenants could return. We got to see some of the changes first hand while visiting Pensacola.

The pantry ceiling was raised and a door with windows installed.

The back bathroom ceiling was raised, shower re-tiled and rainshower installed.

The back bedroom (where most of the fire damage occured) had the ceiling raised and new windows installed.


The repairs to the second floor (where most of the water damage occurred) were completed a few weeks after we visited. These are the pictures we recently received from our contractor.

exposed brick of kitchen fireplace
swapped fridge and stove
view into laundry room
laundry room
closet in back room
dining area
front porch
My favorite renovation to the whole project was the second floor porch added to the back of the house. Now the upstairs tenants have a place to grill while enjoying a beautiful view.

Seeing the house again just added to our desire to return to Pensacola someday. It was odd seeing other peoples furniture and belongings in a place I consider home but it's wonderful knowing that our fabulous tenants treat it like their own. It was also nice for EJ to change calling our "broken house" into our "fixed house."

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