St. Patrick's Day Parade

I think Ellie has attended a St. Patty's Day Parade every year of her life. From the bead throwing ones in Pensacola and Irish bagpiper led ones in Bethlehem to Norfolk's Shriner bonanza. Thanks to my parents the kiddos got to experience what a St. Patrick's Day parade is like in Japan.

Since I was just days away from my delivery date, and DaddyO didn't feel too comfortable with me taking a train ride into the city, we sent my parents instead just a day after their arrival. With Hyperdia train instructions in one hand a map in the other, they navigated to Omotesando in the heart of Tokyo.

There they found a spot on the street and waited for the parade to start.

DaddyO and I had attended the 2006 parade so we knew they would not be disappointed. The parade began and group after group marched past.

Of course EJ's favorite was the Irish dancers. 

The Japanese lion from Okinawa left quite an impression on CJ.

We found out afterwards that the dragon coming up and biting his head was actually a sign of good luck. He definitely didn't see it like that at the moment.

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