Driving at the Arcade

Arcades usually send me in the opposite direction. The bright lights and sounds are enough to give me a headache and the games seem like a waste of money. This was until I discovered some of the kids games at the arcades here in Japan.

While I still try to keep my distance, occasionally I'll see a ride that I just can't resist for the kids. The bus is a favorite for CJ. He can steer through Tokyo picking up passengers along the way.

On this ride the kids drive along petting dogs. It is more higher points the more they pet them.

Here they drive along in a police car chasing criminals.

I am sure there will be more rides to add to our list of favorites.

Bus Ride: 2nd floor of the Daie, just west of Atsugi's front gate
Dog Ride, Police Ride: Maruetsu one more north of Atsugi's front gate

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