Isetan Photo Shoot

We got our first experience at a photo shoot in Tokyo. EJ was chosen for Isetan's (a Japanese department store) fall "Re-Style" catalog

A job for her meant all four of us headed into the city.

The shoot took place in an empty art gallery, a blank canvas of concrete and stone. When we arrived there was a hubbub of kids, cameras and clothes.

EJ was whisked upstairs to have her hair brushed out and quickly became friends with the hairstylist.

Then it was time to wait till it was EJ's turn to shoot.

Fortunately her first outfit was a "pretty" dress. Nothing like wearing a $900 Chloe dress at four years old.

A little cover up on some scratches (probably from her little brother:) and then it was time to shoot.

She got to wear a variety of outfits and the photographer had her doing all sorts of poses.

Fortunately he wanted them to look natural in front of the camera and caught  his pictures while they were having fun.

She made quick friends with the other models and they played together when not in front of the camera.

We couldn't leave the city without a treat and some window watching.

Thanks to EJ and her adventurous personality we have a cute little catalog as a memento of our time in Tokyo.

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