Enoshima Tenno Festival

Saturdays are usually our excursion days. If I'm caught up with the housework then I go along. If not, then it's just DaddyO and the kids on an adventure. Fortunately I forgot the house cleaning on this particular Saturday and we did an early morning drive to the beach.

Enoshima beach is just over 10 km south of us but it took us close to an hour to reach. We had breakfast at a McDonalds along the beach.

It's always fun to find the difference in food.

This time we had an egg mcmuffin with spaghetti sauce, and another with tuna salad.

Our original plan was to visit the Enoshima Aquarium but we didn't make it in time for the 1,200 yen parking so we continued on to Enoshima Island.

Parking was easy to find as we went over the bridge and since it was a municipal lot we paid only 420Y/hour.

The views from the parking deck were beautiful.

We could hear taiko drums in the distance and were treated to a parade as we walked to the beach.

Little did we know what was in store for on in a little while on the beach.

The kids played in the sand and water.

There was no shortage of people wanting to hold Baby B and take photos of the kiddos.

We then realized that the number of people gather on the beach was not normal.

Down the steps came men in loin clothe carrying a shrine.

They danced and bobbed as they carried it toward the ocean.

Then they continued into the ocean.

Swam around a little and then came back to the beach.

I later found out this march was part of Enoshima's Tenno Festival. You never know what you'll see in Japan.

After the excitement on the beach we headed to the main road for a seafood lunch.

What a day it was.

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