Best Party Book Ever

With our weight slowly creeping higher and higher with each move I have become very selective of the books I keep on our shelves. We cleared out quite a few before our trip overseas and DaddyO wants to keep the book weight down on our return. That being said, I had no problem adding the "Best Party Book ever" to my entertaining collection.

There is nothing EJ and I like more than a reason to get some friends together, and this book gave  us plenty of ideas. The book is geared to the teenage girl but we still had fun flipping through the pages. From Cookie Bake Offs to a Christmas Cardi Party, there is a wide range of ideas.

My favorite is the Secret Garden Tea Party; one I would love to do for EJ and her friends. The book gives instructions on setting the scene, invite inspiration, color scheme, and decor dreams. It also gives recipe ideas and suggests some crafts to do with the guests. The pictures are fresh and updated. They remind me of something Martha Stewart Kids would have produced.

I am excited to have this book sitting on my shelf ready to provide some inspiration when needed.

Thomas Nelson provided a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give. 

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