Farewell Shabu Shabu

I don't know if two times can be considered a tradition, but if it can then we took DaddyO out for our traditional farewell dinner of shabu shabu.

Grandma and Grandpa got to experience what the kids have raved to them about. My mom was impressed by the salad bar.

She loaded up her plates with vegetables and noodles to cook.

There were stacks of meat waiting for us to tackle as well.

After swishing tray after tray of beef and pork we had to tell the waitress to stop bringing the meat. We have yet to finish all three course.

We were satisfied.

Of course the kids managed to find some room to visit the dessert bar.

Smells of DaddyO's coffee was all Baby B needed to keep him happy.

Now we look forward to our welcome home shabu shabu meal.

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