Winter Strawberry Picking

I love how strawberry season is at it's height in the middle of winter in Japan. The juicy red berries are the first thing to greet you when you walk into the grocery store. While I love eating a few in the comfort of my home, it's even better getting to eat all I want in a warm sunny greenhouse. As I probably mentioned in last year's strawberry picking post, picking here in Japan means eating as you go.

The kids were immediately up for an excursion to a farm by a friend's house.

 It was a beautiful day for picking. Flowers were in bloom everywhere. I had to keep reminding myself it was the middle of February.

We were given our little trays with sweetened condensed milk and assigned a row in the greenhouse. 

Then we were off to enjoy as many strawberries as we liked in thirty minutes.


Even Baby B got in on the picking. He was covered in red juice by the end with no signs of an allergy.

Fortunately the season lasts for a couple more months so next time should be with DaddyO!

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