Bali Day Three

Our mornings are following a pattern. Bennett and I usually are up first, with DaddyO and the other two right behind. We all meet up in the tree house to watch the day begin. One of my favorite times at the villa.

Today the boys headed to the beach for a sunrise run with the dogs.

I enjoyed watching a local farmer bring his chickens to the river for a bath.They flap around as he splashes them with water.


Some time with the dogs.

The boys headed to the beach again for some crab hunting. This is all CJ wants to do.

With some help from some local girls he caught three in his bucket.

When they'd had enough sun on the beach it was back to the pool.

DaddyO got a quick cooking class on how to make the sauce and stuffing for Chicken Betutu and Pepes Ikan. The secret is lots of fresh garlic, ginger, and turmeric.

We enjoyed the fruits of his cooking for dinner.

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