Bali Day Two

Our morning started in the tree house watching the sun rise again. Today was a trip to the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Our villas is just a couple minute drive away so it was the perfect first excursion.

One of the things I really wanted to do with the kids while here was go on an elephant ride.

There are lots of options but after a bit of research the safari park seemed to have the best of everything for a ride.

The animals are treated kindly, they carry you through an African Savannah, and the ride lasts thirty minutes. Exactly the amount of time your body can take swaying back and forth.

It was a special experience having rhinos, zebras and ostriches roam freely around us.


Even got a chance to ride without a guide.

After riding the big beasts it was time to feed them.

 There was an elephant show that we took the kids too. CJ is a little hesitant anytime he hears the word "show" after his ninja experience. We assured him there wouldn't be anything scary but it turned out the show was about the human/elephant conflict for land. The kids learned a lot but CJ spent a lot of the show with his hands over his eyes.

The weather was hot an humid. We stayed hydrated with coconuts. 

 CJ wasn't so sure about his.

The park had lots of other animals to see as well!

 Seeing them in cages just isn't as exciting though when you can see them up close and personal. 

The kids went right up and pet a baby lion.


She was definitely real:)

 CJ was beaming the whole time.

 It was fun getting a family picture with Chloe the orangutan.

 But hanging out with her and her zookeeper was even better!


Lunch was at a restaurant surrounded in glass so we could watch the animals while eating. 


 There was also a safari ride on a bus that drove through lakes and made my heart drop on some of the narrow bridges.

Baby B wanted to be sure that DaddyO saw everything!

 This was a fabulous park to spend the day at with the family.

 The kiddos agreed:)


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