Caldo Verde

My neighbor and good friend introduced me to this soup a couple nights ago. She is Brazilian and a great cook; a combination that means delicious food that is new and fun to try. This was no exception. Caldo Verde is healthy, warm and comforting, and (she promised me) easy to make. She had a stalk of collard greens left over from her meal that she sent home with me so I could try making it myself.

With her instructions and the recipe from this blog, I endeavored to make this for dinner tonight. The only changes I made to the recipe were mixing two cubes of beef bullion to the broth, adding the collard greens to the pan of soup instead of the bowls, and and serving the soup with grilled cheese baguettes. It is also very important that you follow the instructions on how to cut the collard greens so they cook correctly.

DaddyO was on a cross country all weekend and I wanted to have a good meal for him to come home to tonight. I must say the soup was a success and I will definitely add it to our dinner repertoire. He agreed!

EJ had fun standing in her high chair while I cooked:)

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